3 shows and the 4 week mark

Well hello again!

I'm writing this post from a little cafe in Anacortes, WA. It sure it smokey here. We've had a couple minor changes to our planned route, mostly around a strong desire to slow the hell down. I'm not too worried about it.

After our blustery mishap of an engagement, we went south to Big Sur which is an absurdly beautiful little piece of coastline. Thanks to Maddie for capturing some pictures of everyone giggling. We wrote a little ditty called The Song About the Sea. It's catchy. It only has one lyric: This is our song about the sea. I'll make a recording of it when I can.

On Wednesday of that week (August 1st) I had my first show of the trip at the Hotel Utah. I've played there once before and it was a delight to be back and inaugurate my mini-tour in such a loving room. Almost everyone there was a Reedie, which is a minor theme of my life, I think.

We cut the drive from San Fran to Corvallis in half by boondocking for an evening in Northern California with a wonderfully quirky artist lady with a dog named Puppy and a cat named Kitty. Something I'm learning about the trip is how much I appreciate other people's animals. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not ready to be a dog mom, but I really love other people's pets. Our host didn't have power for us to run the AC, so we kept cool by placing ice packs under our fan. Evaporative cooling! We're engineers, right?

In Corvallis we rested, caught up with old friends, and picked more blueberries than we could eat. Literally. I tried, I really tried, to eat all of the blueberries. Photos in the gallery. Then we made our way up to Portland where we camped for two nights in a state park. Things to know about RV living: dry camping is cheapest (we've only used $15 worth of propane charging our battery and running our fridge in the 4 weeks we've been on the road) but the least comfortable; boondocking is almost free, but subject to your hosts whims and frequently doesn't have amenities; RV parks are awesome but expensive, and we rarely make use of their fancy facilities such as pools; most ideal are state parks. State parks consistently have 30 amp power, water, running water bathrooms and showers, and are almost always under $30 a night. For the record, if you're interested, my daily budget after unavoidable expenses (health care, boo!) is about $30. So while staying in a state park, $30 for two people works out to $15 each, meaning I still have $15 for food or gas. So we can't stay in a state park every night, but we can stay a couple times a week.

My show in Portland was great, and the next day I got to spend some time on Reed campus for photographs with the lovely Nina Johnson. I've posted one of my favorites in the gallery, but am saving the rest for promo. It was in the 90s that day, and I don't really remember Portland being so hot, but I'm glad I got to be there.

At that point it was August 8th, and we had plans with our friends at the Seattle Aquarium. So we fought our way through Tacoma traffic to park the RV on beautiful, shady Bainbridge Island. We loved Bainbridge, but we didn't love the ferry fees. We even experimented once with driving south through Tacoma and back up -- but for the extra hour we spent driving, we only saved $7! It turns out there's a toll bridge into Tacoma. Doh!

That Saturday I had my first house concert, and I'm thrilled to say it was wonderful. I think I prefer house concerts to regular performances, actually! So if you're reading this and you're thinking, "Hey, I could host a house concert!" give me a ring. This concert was hosted by mom's dear friend Cheryl and her husband Walter. Photos in the gallery. Thanks for having me -- I loved it.

Isaac's parents, Deb and Mark, flew into Seattle to hang out with us, and then on the same day my dad and brother arrived in Port Townsend (about 2 hrs NW of Seattle). They had driven out from Denver to move my dad into his new place, so the four of us drive up the peninsula to spend time with them. We parked the RV outside of the house and then outside of the airbnb that Deb and Mark had rented on Whidbey Island. Thanks for hanging out with me during my birthday week, family! Actually, 26 looks a bit different from 25. I read my letters from a younger me, did a little reflecting, and I feel really grateful to be here, having a little adventure. One day, I'll live in a house again and I'll be grateful for that, too.

That brings us up to today, which marks 4 weeks on the road. We're parked at a state park in Anacortes, Washington. I'm looking forward to relaxing for a few days, and then we're off to Vancouver and the rest of Canada! If you have any particular suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading!

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