Aya Maguire
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"...something out of time..."

- Dan MacIntosh of The Aural Gatekeeper


Colorado-born Aya Maguire crafts songs around the idea that music can translate emotion from one mind to another, bypassing the intangible barrier that surrounds each of us. Ranging from delicate and emotive to bold and passionate, Aya's guitar picking and ethereal vocals invite listeners to inhabit the space outside of their protective walls.

Departing from its folk roots to explore a more unearthly realm, Aya's debut album, The Sandcastle King, takes listeners on an intimate journey of contemplation. It is due for release on July 13, 2018, just 18 months after the release of Aya's home-recorded EP, Fireflies.

Pre-order The Sandcastle King now on iTunes and Amazon, or listen to the two album singles on Spotify


The Sandcastle King is filled with an ephemeral and incandescent sound that is both refreshing and breath-taking


- MY NGUYEN of The Celebrity Cafe


As a visual artist, Aya's use of the acrylic and watercolor media delve into the dreamlike and sometimes psychedelic world of movement and emotion. In abstract imagery and in stylized illustrations, Aya explores the cosmic and the unconscious. Ask her about her commission availability using the form below.


To contact Aya, please reach out to Aya [AT] ayamaguire.com or use the form below to say hello and sign up for our mailing list.

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